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Dinner Menu


Seafood Skins
Shrimp, scallops. crabmeat, onions and green peppers in our delicious imperial sauce topped with cheddar jack cheese

Chesapeake Crab Dip
Creamy blend of crabmeat, sherry,
tasty cheeses and Old Bay seasoning
served with fresh homemade bread

Frank's Jerk Chicken
Spicy strips of chicken, marinated in Caribbean seasonings char-broiled to perfection.

Bacon Wrapped Scallops
Fresh sea scallops broiled in our
zesty orange sauce and wrapped with
peppered bacon.

Fried Mozzarella
Mozzarella cheese battered and fried to a golden brown, served with marinara sauce.

Coconut Shrimp
Coconut breaded shrimp
served with a zesty orange sauce. 

Baby Back Ribs
8 oz. Danish baby back ribs slow cooked and grilled with our famous homemade barbecue sauce.

Crab Balls
(4) Miniature crab cakes broiled and served with a bistro sauce.

Chicken Fingers
Fried breaded strips of chicken breast served with our homemade honey mustard dressing.

Shrimp Spring Rolls
Hand rolled Asian style spring rolls
loaded with shrimp, carrots, cabbage and
red peppers fried to a golden crisp. 

General Tso's Chicken
White meat chicken breaded and deep fried with our spicy General Tso's sauce

Ultimate Crab Pizza
10" pie topped with alfredo, tomato, basil, jumbo lump crabmeat, melted mozzarella and cheddar jack.

Steamed Clams (Cherrystone)

Oysters on the Half-Shell
(subject to availability)
On the Half-Shell
(6) 9.99

Steamed Shrimp
Half pound of spicy shrimp, served with our tangy cocktail sauce. 

Buffalo Chicken Dip
Cream cheese, white meat chicken, ranch dressing and buffalo sauce served with baguette bread. 

Boom Boom Shrimp
Beer battered and tossed in our spicy boom boom sauce and topped with scallions

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Sauced with our homemade ranch dressing, buffalo sauce, shredded chicken breast, mozzarella and cheddar jack cheese.


Hot spiced
served with homemade
bleu cheese. 

Hot Honey BBQ
Glazed with
Tae's honey bbq sauce
served with ranch dressing.

Old Bay
Coated with
Old Bay seasoning served
with ranch dressing. 

Garlic Buffalo
Garlic version of our classic
buffalo sauce served
with bleu cheese.


Maryland Crab
Spicy tomato vegetable, brimming
with fresh crabmeat. A local favorite.

Lobster Bisque
Chunks of fresh lobster mixed in a
creamy bisque and a splash of sherry
sprinkled with old bay.

French Onion
A steaming crock topped
with melted provolone cheese.


Chilled fresh spinach combined with egg, almonds, sliced mushrooms, onion, and bacon bits.
Served with our special homemade ranch dressing.

Chilled romaine hearts, shaved parmesan cheese, croutons and our famous Caesar dressing.

Baby shrimp, mandarin oranges, pineapple chunks, cucumbers and tomatoes on a bed of iceberg lettuce and topped with our signature honey mustard dressing.

Chicken Caesar
Diced chicken mixed in our classic Caesar salad.

A mixture of fresh greens and vegetables served with your choice of dressing.

Bleu Cheese Walnut Salad
Romaine lettuce with crumbled bleu cheese, red onion, tomatoes and honey maple walnuts. Served with creamy balsamic.

Hanna's CHOP salad
Chopped romaine, avocado, diced chicken, tomato, bacon, crumbled bleu cheese, corn and apples in our balsamic vinaigrette.


Bourbon Salmon
Grilled salmon glazed with a bourbon sauce topped with peppers and onions.

The Big Tuna
Fresh yellowfin tuna lightly blackened stuffed
with Jumbo lump Crab Imperial.

Garden of Rock
Fresh rockfish sauteed with spinach, red onions,
carrots, mushrooms, garlic and butter.

Blackened Stuffed Rockfish
Fresh Rockfish lightly blackened and stuffed with Jumbo Lump Crab Imperial

Tilapia Imperial
Broiled tilapia stuffed with our seafood imperial


Seafood Medley
4 oz. lobster tail, scallops and shrimp broiled in basil and garlic butter.

Fresh Sea scallops fried to a golden brown or broiled in basil and garlic butter.  Try them stuffed for 8.99 extra!

Crab Cakes
One 5 oz. Maryland style crab cake broiled or fried. Two crabcakes 26.99

Broiled Lobster Tails
(3) 4 oz. cold water lobster tails served with drawn butter.
Stuffed with Jumbo lump Crab Imperial 8.99 Extra

Jumbo Steamed Shrimp
Half pound, spiced and steamed to perfection.

Fried Shrimp (6)
Jumbo shrimp lightly breaded and fried.

Coconut Shrimp
Coconut battered shrimp fried to a golden brown.
Served with our zesty orange sauce.

Broiled Stuffed Shrimp (4)
Large shrimp stuffed with Jumpo lump Crab Imperial.

Stuffed Chicken
Boneless breast of chicken, breaded, stuffed with broccoli and cheddar cheese baked and topped with cream sauce.

Chicken Imperial
Boneless breast of chicken lightly breaded, stuffed with Jumbo lump Crab Imperial, baked and topped with our homemade cream sauce.

Chicken Carbonara
Grilled chicken strips with penne pasta tossed in a creamy carbonara sauce with chopped bacon.

Seafood Alfredo
Jumbo lump crab meat, sea scallops and large gulf shrimp in our classic alfredo sauce with linguini.

Vegetable Primavera
Fresh steamed garden vegetables in a creamy Alfredo sauce.  Served with penne pasta.

Prime Rib Mediterranean
12 oz. cut of Angus prime rib-  Blackened and topped with sauteed shrimp, scallops and crab meat with tomatoes, onions and garlic.

Crab Penne
Lump crab meat and penne pasta tossed in our blush sauce.

Seafood Imperial
Jumbo Lump Crab meat, jumbo shrimp, baby scallops, green peppers and onions tossed in imperial sauce and lightly broiled


Queen Cut
12 ounce cut
$Market Price

King Cut
16 ounce cut
$Market Price

Whaler Cut
22 ounce cut
$Market Price


Imperial Twins
Jumbo lump Crab Imperial topped with mild cheddar cheese, baked on a toasted English Muffin.

Jumbo Lump Crab Imperial
Jumbo lump crab meat seasoned and broiled to perfection.

Seafood Feast
 Broiled tilapia, sauteed scallops, fried crab cake, fried shrimp and fried clam strips.

Broiled Lobster Combo
5 oz. crab cake, broiled scallops, fresh flounder, and 4 oz. lobster tail

Hanna's Filet Chesapeake
Our 8 oz. filet topped with Jumbo lump Crab Imperial served with bearnaise sauce on the side.
$Market Price

Filet Mignon
USDA Choice 8 oz. Center Cut served with sauteed mushrooms upon request.
$Market Price

New York Strip
USDA Choice 12 oz. Center Cut

Surf and Turf
Two 4 oz. cold water lobster tails served with 8 oz. filet

Bourbon New York Strip
Our 12 oz. NY Strip topped with onions & peppers with a sweet bourbon glaze.


Crab Cake
One 5 oz. Maryland style crab cake broiled or fried.
Two crab cakes 24.99

Baby Back Ribs
Half-Rack Danish baby back ribs, slow cooked and grilled with our famous homemade barbeque sauce.
Full-Rack 21.99

Chicken Fingers
Fried strips of chicken breast served with our homemade honey mustard sauce.

Hand Breaded Fried Oysters (12)
Lightly breaded oysters fried to a golden brown.

Fried Clam Strips
Lightly battered and deep fried.

Fish and Chips
White and flaky, beer battered and served with fries and cole slaw


Prime Rib & Scallops
12 oz. cut of USDA Choice Ribeye served with a generous portion of broiled scallops.

Filet & Crab Cake
8 oz. Filet with 5 oz. Maryland style crab cake broiled or fried.
$Market Price

Baby Back Ribs & Coconut Shrimp
1/2 rack of baby back ribs and 6 coconut shrimp served with our zesty orange sauce.

Baby Back Ribs & Crab Cake
1/2 rack of baby back ribs and fried or broiled crab cake.


Crab Cake
5 oz. Maryland style crab cake served on a toasted roll.

Shrimp Salad
Large shrimp combined with seasonings and dressings to bring the flavor of shrimp to its finest.  Served on a homemade roll or stuffed in a tomato.

Chicken Salad
Tender chunks of chicken breast blended in a mixture of dressing and celery.  Served on a homemade roll or stuffed in a tomato.

Crabby Sliders
Lump crab balls on mini potato rolls topped with American cheese. Served with bistro sauce.

Blackened Tuna Sandwich
Fresh yellowfin tuna pan blackened to perfection. Also available grilled.

Fried Fish Sandwich
Beer battered white fish served with tartar sauce


5oz Crab Cake $9.99

4oz Lobster Tail $10.99

Snow Crab Cluster $9.99

Fried Shrimp (4) $8.99

Crab Imperial $9.99

Broiled Shrimp $8.99

Seafood Imperial $10.99


Hanna's Hickory Burger
Crisp bacon, melted cheddar cheese, diced onions and BBQ sauce.

Bleu Cheeseburger $9.99

Bacon, Cheese & Mushroom Burger $8.99

Cheeseburger $8.99

Farmhouse Burger
Peppered bacon, cheddar cheese and fried egg

Crabby Burger
Topped with our homemade crab dip and cheddar cheese

Turkey Burger
Fresh ground and delicious 

Wes' Burger Buddies
A 4 pack of mini burgers topped with American cheese. Wes wouldn't steer you wrong!

Harpoon Burger
Topped with crab meat, baby scallops, shrimp, onions and green peppers in our famous imperial sauce with cheddar jack cheese.


Baby Back Ribs
Danish Baby Back Ribs Slow cooked and grilled to perfection.

Hot Steamed Alaskan Crab Legs
Alaskan Snow Crab Legs Steamed to perfection.  Served with Drawn Butter.
Add ribs for 2.00


Chocolate Heaven
A chocolate lovers dream.  Chocolate cookie crust with a creamy chocolate mousse, covered in a chocolate ganache

Key Lime Pie
Made with a real key lime juice on a graham cracker crust

Very Cherry Pie Cheese Cake
A spectacular combination in one all-American cheesecake

Salted Caramel Vanilla Crunch Cake
A light, buttery, vanilla flecked pudding cake with a layer of salted pretzels.

Reese's Peanut Butter Pie $7.50


Iced Tea $2.75

Hot Tea $2.75

Milk $3.00

Chocolate Milk $3.25

Sparkling Mineral Water $2.50

Fiji Bottled Water $3.00

Red Bull $4.00

Regular or Decaffeinated 100% Columbian Bean fresh ground.

Soft Drinks
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Ginger Ale, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Pink Lemonade, Raspberry Tea, Orange Soda - Unlimited Free Refills


House Wines - Liberty Creek
Chardonnay                                5.50
Cabernet Sauvignon                   5.50
Merlot                                         5.50
White Zinfandel                          5.50
Sweet Red                             5.50

Premium Wines
Freixenet Cordon Negro                                    7.50
Mirassou, Pinot Noir                                              7.50
New Harbor, Sauvignon Blanc                              7.50
Stellina Di Notte, Pinot Grigio                               7.50
Mezzacorona, Pinot Grigio                               7.50
Edna Valley, Chardonnay                                     7.50
Barefoot, Moscato                                                 7.50
Chalone Monterey, Cabernet Sauvignon            7.50
Lindeman's Bin 40, Merlot               7.50
Cellar 8, Pinot Noir                                7.50
Rosemount, Chardonnay / Semillon Blend            7.50
Great American Wine by Rosenblum, Red Blend   7.50


Edna Valley, Chardonnay
(Paragon Vineyards)
Bright expression of citrus and bright honeysuckle, balanced by subtle oak tones

A By Acacia, Chardonnay
(Monterey County)
Bright citrus, pineapple, pear and tropical fruit notes are all found in this wonderful expression of Monterey Chardonnay.

Stellina Di Notte, Pinot Grigio
Crisp, clean and refreshing, the popular seafood wine from Italy.

BV Coastal, Riesling
Delicate apricot, peach and pear aromas, laced with honeysuckle nuances.

New Harbor, Sauvignon Blanc
(Marlborough, New Zealand)
This delightful wine offers aromas of grapefruit zest, and honeysuckle with the right balance of floral and fruity notes.

Barefoot, Moscato
Delightfully sweet with lush fruity aromas. Hints of citrus skip across flavors of juicy peach and ripe apricots. 

Souverain, Chardonnay
Nice viscosity and creamy texture with lasting flavors of lemon, pear and honeycomb, bright acidity and a long, lingering finish

Rosemount, Chardonnay / Semillon Blend
Bright and vibrant with zesty lime and nectarine perfectly balanced by aromas of white blossom. Elegant and soft with great texture. Ideal to enjoy with chicken, vegetarian dishes, or seafood

Beringer Luminus, Chardonnay
Bright with a straw color the seductive nose leaps from the glass, delivering waves of buttery, smoke-tinged stone fruit, citrus, pear, a thread of minerality, and spiced oak

Matua, Sauvignon Blanc
A distinctive and aromatic Sauvignon Blanc, delivering bright and lively gooseberry and passion fruit characters with a hint of lime

Sonoma Cutrer, Russian River Chardonnay
Aromas of Fuji apple, fresh roses, lime, lemon blossom and nectarine are complemented with touches of nougat, baking spices and Sonoma-Cutrer's signature wet stone minerality

Mezzacorona, Pinot Grigio
A delightful pinot grigio to be enjoyed for it's aromatic crisp green apple, mineral and honeysuckle notes


Beringer, White Zinfandel
Crisp and refreshing, bursting with the aromas and flavors of fresh fruit


McWilliams Estate, Shiraz
Richly textured with well defined ripe blackberry fruity flavors and soft generous tannins on the mid-palate.

Mirassou, Pinot Noir
(Central Coast)
Offering intensive flavors of cherry and plum with delicate floral notes and hints of vanilla.

Terrazas, Malbec
Intense, supple fruit, featuring plums and raisins that intermingle with toasted vanilla.

Chateau St. Jean, Cabernet Sauvignon
Inviting aromas of blackberry, black tea and hints of leather in the nose. The wine is concentrated and structured with a ripe fruit core of dark berry fruit

Cellar 8, Pinot Noir
Deep rose in color this stylish Pinot Noir begins with ripe cherry and red berry aromas. Lush and complex on the palate with juicy strawberry jam flavors and a dash of nutmeg spice balanced by silky tannins

Stag's Leap, Petite Sirah
Generous aromas of red and black fruit and distinct notes of clove spice. The lush fruit flavors of blueberry, raspberry and boysenberry remain on the palate, complemented by unbelievably soft tannins

Lindeman's Bin 40, Merlot
Begins with red and black berry aromas, with hints of chocolate, spice and earthiness. Delicious red berry flavors are supported by darker, earthier tones in this medium-bodied, elegant wine

Colores Del Sol, Malbec
Deep ruby color with bright purple hues. Intense aromas of ripe blackberry and hints of spice lead into a rich palate full of spicy fruit characteristics of raspberry and black cherry

19 Crimes, Red Blend
Polished, expressive and distinctive, with a green olive note weaving through the ripe blueberry and spice flavors, lingering easily on the deftly balanced and medium-weight finish. Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon

Chalone Monterey, Cabernet Sauvignon
Red currant, dried herb flavors; medium bodied, with soft tannins on the palate; smooth in the finish

Great American Wine, Red Blend by Rosenblum
Red fruits lead the nose with dark cherries, black raspberries and vanilla pie crust. The palate is rich and velvety with balanced tannins and a lasting fruit imprint on the finish


Cordon Negro Brut, Freixenet
The distinctive dry, sparkling wine in the black bottle - perfect before, during, or after dinner.

Asti Spumante, Martini & Rossi
Italy's most popular sparkling wine; light, fruity, and semi-sweet.

Domaine Chandon Rose
Creamy and seductive with intense fruit flavors.

Dom Perignon


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